The Big Question

Spurs or Arsenal – who will fare better in Europe?

Defoe – fast talker

Jermain Defoe 

Those who have listened to Jermain Defoe talk might have noticed that he sounds like someone who has had a pile of random words and phrases forced into his mouth, before being issued with a sudden Heimlich Manoeuvre. He’s very hard to follow.

Anyway, in amongst the garbled onslaught, these [...]

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Champions League News

Spurs drawn against Young Boys in the Champions League

Oop, someone’s being hilarious


All the talk was of who Spurs might draw in the Champions League, with big names like Ajax, Werder Bremen and Sevilla to avoid.

As it turns out, they will be facing a fearsome Swiss outfit called Young Boys, and, as brilliantly spotted by our [...]

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Does Joe Cole already know he’s going to the World Cup?

Midfielder spotted having ‘celebratory drinks’ after Japan game


As regular readers may have guessed by now, when it’s not bashing out stories on the sexual adventures of obscure foreign football players or posting LOLeriffic videos, The Spoiler can be found draped over a bar stool somewhere in England’s fashionable [...]

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what a Clutz

Uh oh, apparently Gudjohnsen did a “Nazi salute”

Don’t mention the war


Everyone’s been there – you wake up from the banky hols, your mind’s hazy, you feel hollow, you run through the functioning memory files from the previous night. You shiver as you recall telling a girl from France (or Spain) that you’re a big deal. [...]

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