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Make money on Campbell’s return to White Hart Lane

Ahhh, heady days

Sol Campbell 

In a rather less intriguing sub-plot, David Bentley is taking on his old club tonight too. Only, anyone keeping an eye on those particular developments will have made an alarming error in judgement - the football equivalent of sitting down to watch a movie about the mob, [...]

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Video Highlights

Tottenham march onwards in the FA Cup

Spurs 3-1 Fulham

For those of you far too busy finding out how a bunch of everyday folk get on in a professional kitchen, you might have [...]

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Farmyard news

Spurs fans to spend summer learning song about cows

Tell you who’d have no trouble milking this – Sandro


Whenever a new player joins a club, it can be a real ball-ache having to come up with a new song/chant just for them. Hence why most players with a double-syllabled surname simply have to make do with a [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Should Harry just let Pavlyuchenko go?

Come one, Redknapp, enough’s enough… 


Like a sobbing child at a birthday party who has spent the whole afternoon throwing up in a flowerpot, Pavlyuchenko is now desperate to put an end to his ongoing Spurs humiliation by going home to Russia. And yet Henry Redknapp just won’t let [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Can Spurs now finish above Arsenal?

It’s Alexis and Krystle all over again!

Redknapp and wenger

As rivalries go, they don’t come much more intense than Spurs/Arsenal. It’s right up there with Holmes/Moriarty, Alexis Colby/Krystle Carrington, and, of course, it absolutely matches the silent seething intensity that exists between Gillett and Hicks at Liverpool.


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Transfer News

Redknapp spotted wining and dining Van Nistelrooy’s agent

Ruud – good signing for Spurs?

Ruud van Nistelrooy

Away from the muddy pitches and changing rooms that smell of Deep Heat and wet socks, the world of football is a glamourous one. It’s all cordoned off cocktail drinking areas in wine bars, personal shoppers, and snazzy dinners.


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New Tottenham stadium plans ruffle a few feathers

It’s beautiful… or is it?

Spurs Stadium plans 

If the rumours are true, then whenever little gangs of balloon-headed aliens decide to crash land on Earth, they do so with some consideration – invariably landing their saucers in a silent corn field with just one buck-toothed inhabitant to [...]

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