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Video: Andrei Arshavin showboating at training

Russian prepares for Arsenal debut with tricky footwork

Arsene Wenger has told the press Andrei Arshavin will feature in tomorrow’s match with Sunderland: “He will be involved, but I [...]

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Pimped Ride

Check out David James’ brilliant new car!

Pompey keeper only needs three wheels

David James’ pimped ride

Tony Adams appears to be making his mark on the Portsmouth squad via the medium of embarrassing old automobiles – for giving the worst performance on the training pitch, David James was made to drive around in [...]

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Manchester Utd stars instructed how to sleep

Lessons in breathing and blinking expected to follow

Sleepy fan

Presumably inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo’s propensity to stay up all night entertaining the ladies, Manchester Utd have given certain players professional assistance with going to sleep:

The sleep coach visited the club training HQ last month.”It was [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Is AC Milan right for David Beckham?

Italians brace themselves for huge marketing opportunity

David Beckham to AC Milan

This morning, Major League Soccerballer David Beckham confirmed that he will be heading to Italy in the new year, as the club will provide the ideal environment for keeping his wife in boutiques maintaining [...]

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Pennant forgets something

Footballer trains in his knickers…. 

Jermaine Pennant

We’ve all been there – turn up at work in just your underpants, everyone starts acting weird, you reluctantly put some bottoms on.

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Sweat Shop conditions

Liverpool’s abusive training methods revealed

Footballers actually earn their money…


Footballers lead a blessed existence – the money, the girls, the adulation. But for every upside there is a downside, for every yin a yang, for all the pleasure, there is pain. Especially up in Liverpool, where the players are forced to undergo a [...]

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where sport meets porn

Turkish training techniques to revolutionise Premier League

Eastern Europeans perfect the art of hamstring stretching

Turkish Sporno

This Turkish publication has grasped the concept of tongue-in-cheek Sporno with two firm hands: the underlined quote on the left hand side reads, “(Players of) Idmanyurdu are training hard,” while the right hand side reads “players seem to [...]

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