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Barcelona want Micah Richards… yes, seriously

Micah – dream move?

Micah Richards

There’s been total uproar in showbusiness world, with news that Wagner – the South American Mickey Rourke who sings like a man on a treadmill reading from an autocue – isn’t only surviving the X Factor, but he’s looking like a genuine threat to win [...]

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Transfer Talk

Liverpool to sell Aquilani, United to sell Berbs…

Well, that went well


Wow, it’s weird to think that it was less than a year ago that the people of Liverpool were busily attempting to correctly pronounce the word “Aquilani” without hacking up too much phlegm, thanks to their strange local dialect – known in the trade as “Carragher”. Well, [...]

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Breaking News

Clear evidence that Rooney will be playing for Real next season

Story depicted using Photoshop wizardry

Rooney Real Madrid

Now, don’t everyone freak out, but some startling new evidence that Rooney might yet head for sunny Spain has emerged, thanks to the popular Spanish website

Apparently, the England man was over in Barcelona shooting an advert for [...]

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Transfer Talk

If City don’t make 4th, Tevez will be off… apparently

Lighters at the ready, City fans!


Remember how you first felt when you saw Carlos Tevez scurrying around like a labrador chasing a wasp for West Ham? He had the look of a man so loyal that he would painfully amputate his own feet using a plastic spoon if it meant [...]

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Transfer Talk

Who should Liverpool be looking to buy in the summer?

Both in red next season?

Pienaar and Mascherano

Speaking out at the end of a rather flaccid season by Liverpool standards, Steven Gerrard reportedly said this yesterday, before being brutally forced to remember what it feels like to board a train:

“I do not believe in profound changes [...]

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The Big Question

Will Wayne Rooney be the next great English football export?

And is this some kind of prophecy?

Rooney and Ronaldo 

Of course, the big news blowing everyone’s minds today is that Real Madrid want Wayne Rooney. And not just want him, they £90million and £250,000/week want him. That, for anyone unfamiliar with how finances work (ie. those who have [...]

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Utility Player Alert!

Oh brother, Benitez just put a hex on Maxi Rodriguez!

Rodriguez – the new Robbie Keane/Ryan Babel?

Maxi Rodriguez

Some might argue that one of the biggest problems to have hamstrung Liverpool’s progress is that no one really knows where they fit in to the team.

Gerrard is part-midfielder/part-second striker. Dirk Kuyt, like Babel, is considered to be a [...]

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Transfer News

Liverpool have landed Maxi Rodriguez… apparently

“Hello Anfield!”

Maxi Rodriguez

The transfer action is slowly starting to hot up, after what seems like one of the longest weeks in football. Everyone just waiting, silent, feeling one another out… so to speak.

But, whilst the men who sit in boardrooms talking long into the afternoon have [...]

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