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Wenger looks to Santa, Beattie’s in a huff…

Oi Claus, any room for Drogba in that bag?

Father Christmas 

Even with the insane striker shortage leaving his attack almost as hamstrung as a boxer with cotton wool fists, Arsene Wenger – as reported in today’s Telegraph – shall not be tempted to loan the services of Ruud van Nistelrooy in [...]

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Striker Crisis

Which striker should Wenger go for in the transfer window?

Hey Arsene, what about this guy?

Bojan Krkic

There has been much speculation over the last week or so about who Arsene Wenger should buy in the January window to plug the almighty gap in the Arsenal attack. A gap which began as a humble everyday manhole when Adebayor [...]

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Transfer News

More strikers for Arsenal, less wingers for Man United

Or it MIGHT be you…

Andre-Pierre Gignac

Further fuel was spat on the flaming striker crisis at Arsenal last night, as they continued to craft chances without anyone able to just smash it into the net. The problem will, of course, go somewhere towards being solved during the January [...]

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News in brief

Bold Chelsea claim, Henry World Cup ban, and transfers…

Salomon Kalou – half full

Salomon Kalou 

It’s always good to search for a silver lining, because the world is a thoroughly depressing place most of the time. Yet, there is a fine line between optimism and delusion, and it seems that Salomon Kalou might have just crossed it.


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News in brief

Mark Hughes economics class, Keegan insult, and transfers…

One of these men has “done a Keegan”. But which one?

Noel and Mark Hughes

After the outrage following revelations of millions of pounds going to football agents, Mark Hughes took the opportunity to bore everyone into submission with an economics lecture. On the subject of the [...]

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News in brief

No room at the inn for the Irish FA, and transfer news…

Plus, some back-patting for this little chap… presumably

Lionel Messi 

Like a spotty teenage asthmatic wearing his dad’s suit, standing outside a nightclub in the rain, literally begging the bouncers to let him in even though he has no proof of identification, the Irish FA have apparently been pleading with Sepp [...]

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