Transfer News

Both Robinho and Adebayor clawing at the Man City exit

Not what they were?

Robinho and Adebayor 

In a pitch perfect football recreation of life as one of Hugh Hefner’s chosen stable of bed partners, it seems that both Robinho and Adebayor sense that their opportunities to satisfy their boss sexually are seriously dwindling – especially with so many [...]

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Transfer News

Hodgson’s attempt to end Torres speculation backfires

Hiding something, Roy?

Roy Hodgson 

Liverpool fans, if you think you’re on a transfer knife-edge with this whole Torres stuff, just imagine how The Spoiler feels.

Way back in the month of June, we suggested that Spain’s current number three striker, Fernando Torres, would be joining Chelsea – everyone got really cross about [...]

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Transfer Talk

Arsenal and Man United both fancy the same German…

Ozil – wants out

Mesut Ozil 

When you’re attempting to land a new job, it’s important to talk a big game – but not too big.

Keep it within the realms of actual possibility. You probably can’t type 400 words/minute, the artist formerly know as The Artist Formerly Known [...]

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Transfer News

Fabregas drops a serious hint that he might be off

“Let me go!”

Fabregas Wenger

As hints go, Fabregas’ World Cup bench warming was as subtle a sign of things to come as getting booed the very minute you turn up at a wedding. And yet, the Arsenal skipper would seemingly take a season of crosswords with Bojan Krkic and [...]

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Transfer Announcement

Real Madrid man announces Liverpool move on Facebook

A great spot from our pals at Pies

Royston Drenthe

Of course, in the parallel universe known as “cyberspace” there are no secrets, so whilst Liverpool appear to be keeping schtum on any recent transfer activity, the Dutchman Royston Drenthe thought he’d throw caution to the wind, and announce his [...]

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Transfer News

Joe Cole – the latest in a long line of Liverpool Cockneys

Liverpool, meet the new Jamie and Louise

The Coles

After years of striding down the Kings Road shouting “oi oi!” at van drivers, Joe Cole can be excused for feeling rather discombobulated by the man in front of him at Anfield, coughing, snorting, hacking, sniffing, and clearing his throat.

But [...]

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Transfer Rumour

Chelsea rumoured to be ridding themselves of JT

Honeymoon’s over, so they say

John Terry and Roman Abramovich 

Once again, The Spoiler has received some very interesting information from the various squirrels that roam the country, listening in on football boardroom meetings, spending their evenings alone in bars drinking to forget, before getting free [...]

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