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Yeovil boss uses fans and Twitter to scout out new players

“Sol Campbell? Not after last time, mate…”

skiverton.jpg The Spoiler was very sceptical of the whole Twitter thing for a very long time – we couldn’t see the point in looking at celebs’ status updates and feeling either cheated out of precious time or jealous that some reality telly [...]

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Twit chat

Sir Alex Ferguson wants Wayne Rooney et al to abandon Twitter

“Know any good books, boss?”


The Spoiler was slow on the uptake when it came to Twitter. ‘Who cares what Kerry Katona has had for breakfast?’ We said. However, after dipping our toe tentatively in the water, we’re now big fans of the Twitter – we get news well [...]

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Twitter tantrum

Uh Oh… Alan Smith’s Twitter account hijacked by his ex



You remember Alan Smith? Went from Leeds to Man Utd? Dyed blonde hair? Anger issues? Basically the Yorkshire Eminem? Yea, that’s the one.

Well, it looks as though he might look to emulate Marshall Bruce Mathers III a little further and begin writing [...]

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Spoiler Football

Follow The Spoiler on Twitter!

Welcome to the future!


After a period of radio silence, The Spoiler shall from henceforth be blowing people’s minds on a daily basis by twatting things on Twitter.

If you’re not already, please feel free to follow us here.

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Important Twitter News

Ryan Babel attacks Benitez via the medium of Twitter

Ahhh, great times

Babel and Benitez

Some of you mightn’t have had the pleasure yet, but if you get a chance, you must visit Ryan Babel’s Twitter page. If only for an insight into what kind of messages bored millionaires deem important to preach to their followers.

Recent [...]

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