Anti-Racism Campaign

Video: UEFA to defeat racism with television advert

New spot to air during Champions league games

Any doubt that there is still a racism problem in Europe was confirmed by Emile Heskey’s treatment in Zagreb on Wedensday, and UEFA have now [...]

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Money Matter$

UEFA perfect the art of wasting their money

Administrative body dishing out cash for no particular reason

Uefa Technical Director Andy Roxburgh

In a move that will only aid the top English clubs in their quest to widen the gap between themselves and the rest of the league, UEFA have decided to compensate [...]

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This Means War

Poland manager decapitates Michael Ballack!

Poland haven’t forgotten about that thing you did, Germany

Super Express

One of the more interesting games this weekend is likely to be Sunday’s Group B clash between Poland and Germany, thanks in part to the media storm whipped up by brilliant-sounding Polish newspaper Super Express.

In an antagonistic [...]

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Insightful Swiss

Sepp Blatter says what we already knew

FIFA boss claims foreigners in the Prem have harmed the national side

Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter – a man whose comments are always informative, cutting edge and universally welcomed among the football community – has claimed the influx of foreign players in the Premier League has weakened the English [...]

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So Unfair!

UEFA fist of justice comes thundering down – late

Shocking signs of double standards in football


It’s always a bit embarrassing when your plan to bribe high powered officials with beautifully tanned prostitutes is found out – especially if you’re FC Porto, and the underhand referee sex exchange took place back in 2003/2004, when everything [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Is FIFA’s foreign quota proposal a good idea?

Xenophobes rejoice over Sepp’s latest masterplan

Sepp Blatter

During a congress held at the home of football, Sydney, Australia, FIFA delegates have overwhelmingly voted in favour of Sepp Blatter’s ‘six-plus-five’ plan, which would could limit the amount of foreign players in a team to five. The BBC sez:

Blatter [...]

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