Ukrainian Woman

Sexy Wimbledon Lady No.4: Alyona Bondarenko

Like the moderately well known existentialist philosopher, Lev Shestov, Alyona is Ukrainian

What do you mean you’ve never heard of this girl? She’s the nineteenth best woman’s tennis player in the world! Not only that, she’s an absolute whizz at doubles, having won the Australian Open with her little sister, Kateryna.

When she’s not out [...]

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The Real Euro 2008

Make money on the Eurovision Song Contest

Meet Europe’s biggest maniacs


Face it, without MOTD to watch at the weekend, and with no one around to talk to, you WILL be watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Not least because it’s the most enthralling and weird television you will ever see in your life. Europeans are genuinely [...]

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Bet on the real Euro 2008!

Click here for the ultimate Eurovision guide

When bogged down with manly things like football talk and chainsmoking, The Spoiler likes to secretly kick back and unwind by seriously studying Eurovision betting markets – there is a lot of money to be made.

Our source in Serbia (this year’s host nation) reports back [...]

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Foot in Mouth Alert

Andriy Voronin hates England

Rich Liverpool striker complains about his charmed life Andriy Voronin

Andriy Voronin has taken time out of his busy schedule of buying hideous clothing to let rip about his miserable life in the north of England. The Ukrainian told a Russian newspaper:

“Compared with Germany, England [...]

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