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Liverpool’s visit to Romania works out well

Unirea Urziceni 1-3 Liverpool

Those who saw Masterchef last night will now know never to poach a steak in red wine – it loses flavour, you idiots! – and, for Christ’s sake, if [...]

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Mr Blobby

Hey Rafa, why are you so damn fat? Asks journalist

“Stomach’s pretty flat… where can I get me one of those?”


For everything that is crippling and debilitating about stress, it can do wonders for your appetite, and nothing sweeps away the cobwebs of a bad day quite like thrusting your face into a big chocolate cake, and shout-eating [...]

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A Football Match!

VIDEO: Liverpool/Unirea Urziceni highlights

Liverpool 1-0 Unirea Urziceni

It’s a known fact that Thursdays have now replaced Fridays in terms of hard drinking, while Fridays have taken on a rather Saturday-ish quality. Saturdays [...]

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