Profit from Argentina and Brazil failure at Copa America

A slow start is affordable in the competition with very few losers

Brazil and Argentina’s group stage performances

The Copa America gets underway in the early hours of Saturday morning and the odd format of the group stage, which sees eight of the 12 participating [...]

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World Cup hero Diego Forlan gets his own cartoon

Striker immortalised in animated story

As if being officially recognised as the tournament’s best player wasn’t enough, Diego Forlan has now had his match-winning antics at World Cup 2010 celebrated through the media of cartoon and [...]

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Decent Side

The Spoiler’s World Cup Team of the Tournament

And not an Englishman in sight…

Team of the Tournament

No doubt, a few of these choices will be considered to be rather contentious, especially with no place for Sneijder, Ozil or Robben. So it’s with a rather trembling typing hand that The Spoiler asks… ahem…


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Was yesterday the best day at World Cup 2010 so far?

A: Yes.


Yesterday, as the first round of World Cup group games drew to a close and the second began, there was a change in the air in South Africa. Teams started playing entertaining football.

Driven by the urgency of simply needing to get some points on the board, [...]

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Nice Pair

Villa and Torres voted world’s best strike partnership

Chest bump goes wrong…

Torres and Villa 

The England team has been treated to some lovely partnerships up front in the last few years – you’ve got Beardsley and Lineker, Sheringham and Shearer, for a time there was Owen and Heskey. And now what? Rooney and “someone”. No [...]

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