News in brief

Arsenal hand Cesc Fabregas a pocket pleaser, and more…

“I’ll make you rich beyond your wildest dreams”

Fabregas and Wenger

For those who deal exclusively in celebrity gossip and microscopic nipple sightings, it’s been a big day, one that will probably go down in history. A picture has hit various showbusiness desks of the singer/songwriter Beyonce in the grips of a minor [...]

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Great news, Arsenal, van Persie’s feeling a bit better!

“I’m baaaaack!”

Robin van Persie

As with great comedy, if you are going to get injured, it’s all about the timing. Rooney, bless him, has had a wonderful season, but to lose him now would be a disaster not just for Man United, but also for the World Cup. [...]

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The Future

Robin van Persie feels brilliant, David Moyes feels rubbish

Tomorrow’s headlines today…


It’s official, we’re now living in a world where big tough guys like Brad Pitt are allowed to call their children Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, and English cricket will be globally represented by a young South African gentleman with shiny diamonds in his ears. The [...]

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Norf Laaandan

What’s wrong with you, Arsenal and Spurs players? Can’t take the heat?

North London proves a little bit too edgy for troubled footballers…


People who survive North London are cut from a different cloth to the average gent. That’s probably why Hleb can’t take it, but the likes of Lehmann, Bergkamp and Amy Winehouse can. They’re just a little bit edgier, [...]

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