Fo' shizzle?

Snoop Dogg’s responsible for Beckham’s new baby and stuff

The only photo we could find when we searched ‘Beckham Snoop’


Apologies for being tardy to the party with this one, but while perusing the always excellent Kickette and questioning our sexuality, we spotted this story about Snoop’s plans to expand his empire that already includes ‘rap’ music [...]

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The Beckhams are having a baby girl… or boy!

Wills and Kate – upstaged


Everyone’s poor, the sun is about to explode and you can’t leave your house without walking into a scene from a low-budget zombie movie as formerly docile, incense sniffing students go on a mental rampage because of Nick Bloody Clegg.


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Vote for a football couple that you can believe in…

Whoever shall replace them?


For a short while back there, it looked like Ashley and Cheryl or Wayne and Coleen or Peter and Abbey might fill the inevitable void that will become ever more gaping once David Beckham finally hangs up his diamond football slippers.

Who will be football’s [...]

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Preggy Sue

OMFG! Is Victoria Beckham now expecting a baby?

Oh really?

Famous Magazine

On a day in which other people thought that they’d save the Beckham family the trouble and make their big announcements for them, the Australian celebrity rag, Famous, have followed Capello’s lead by telling the world that Victoria has a proverbial bun in her proverbial womb.

Whether she really has, time [...]

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