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The Spoiler’s BEST and WORST January signings

£8million, Graeme! £8million!

Boumsong and Souness

Feeling a little bit fed up because the January transfer window is so far as fun as a child-swap episode of Eastenders? Aww, don’t worry, man, things will hot up. In the meantime, after the jump, you can relive some of January’s [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Serbia

Serbia, with Rod Stewart


Hands up who wants to find out about Serbia. Good, that’s everyone then. Read on to find out everything that you need to know… 

Form Guide

This will be the first year that Serbia enters a World Cup as just plain old Serbia. Last time they were [...]

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Oh great, now Berbatov’s injured or something

Are United ready to see the back of this man?


When he was jacuzziing himself in his shiny North London bathroom after a hard day at Spurs, young Dimitar Berbatov must have been daydreaming about the glitz and glamour of Manchester life.

The soft grey skies, the warm, sensual gravy oozing from the corners of [...]

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Nice Team!

Five Premier League players make the FIFA World XI

Messi – officially good at footer


In the least shocking turn of events since Eddie Izzard turned up in a dress and declared “I’m actually a man!”, to a rousing response of “yes, we can tell!”, Lionel Messi ran away with the FIFA World Player of the Year award.

It was never [...]

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News in Brief

Real Madrid – now after a new-look superstar defence

Carvalho – a wanted man


Now that they’ve managed to snaffle most of the world’s best attacking players, it seems that the men who make decisions at Real Madrid have had the inner-workings of football properly explained to them. They will now have your defenders too, thank you very [...]

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News in brief

Rare Zhirkov start, Robinho’s back, and is Vidic off?

Honestly, what’s not to love, Nemanja?

Nemanja Vidic

With their safe voyage into the next round already guaranteed, both Chelsea and Man United will be looking to give some lesser known faces a run out tonight. That means a likely start for Welbeck, Gibson and Obertan against Besiktas for [...]

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