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Kaka’s knackered, Coleen’s tatt, A.Cole goes dancing

Plus this rather funny picture…


Those schooled in philosophy can talk endlessly about the true value of everyday objects. Is a pencil still a pencil when no one is using it? Likewise, is a transfer window still a window, even though nothing is going on?

Who knows?

Deep thinking [...]

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Say your final farewell to the World Cup vuvuzela

Noisemaker sent to the big plastics factory in the sky

For those not familiar with Blendtec‘s legendary Will it Blend? series, basically a nice old man called Tom has spent the last four years proving he produces [...]

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Excellent List

10 important lessons learned from World Cup 2010

Such as, “be more tolerant of octopuses”


And so it was that the World Cup came to a rather messy halt. It’s been an uppy-downy tournament, thanks to disappointing superstars, weird new balls, and a final that found the Dutch looking for a fight.

But it’s not all been [...]

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YouTube add ‘vuvuzela’ button

It’s all getting slightly out of hand…

1. Mosey on over YouTube

2. Find your favourite video

3. Click the little football icon towards the right of the player controls

Now every event can [...]

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