A beautiful woman

New WAG alert! Busty Lisa Snowdon joins the club

The face of Capital FM

Lisa Snowdon

It’s always nice to welcome a new WAG into the spotlight, although this one is a rather unusual case. Whilst most new WAGS are plucked from nightclub VIP areas and plunged headlong into a world of eyebrow plucking like the clappers, and [...]

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Cool Lingo

Hip new WAG-related language revealed in newspaper

Some would be WAGs from the 1800s…

Glamourous ladies

Of course, there are few things more cringe-worthy than a bunch of crusty old squares telling you how the kids speak these days – with their far out ecstacy parties etc… – but that hasn’t stopped the throbbing brains at [...]

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Wives and Girlfriends

Send us our women, demands Frenchman Patrice Evra

Frenchmen – love sick?

Evra et al

They’re a fractious bunch, the French. They appeared to spend the weeks preceding the World Cup not so much training, as enjoying a series of team bonding therapies – bike rides, skiing, evenings spent searching for kind words to [...]

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Transfer Talk

Gerrard wants OUT, Barca/Arsenal stand off…

 ”Yeah, not bad”

Rafa and Gerrard

For anyone who loves television programmes, you might have noticed that the BBC decided to cash in on WAG culture by sending a pretty mob of football sex partners to Africa, in a rather honourable mission to raise awareness about [...]

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