Hot Girls!

10 beautiful women who should totally be WAGs

God! They’re beautiful!


In guaranteed employment terms, getting in on with a footballer is like getting A levels, a degree, a masters and a PHD all in one go. One minute, you’re wondering where your next penny is coming from, the next you’re oscillating between a perfume making lab, a [...]

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Festive Fun

The Spoiler’s big fat football quiz of 2008

Were you paying attention this year? Find out here!

The Spoiler’s 2008 Quiz

John McCain, Jonathan Ross and anyone involved in the world banking system may not agree, but 2008 has been a fantastic year. We saw a brilliant European Championships tournament (unencumbered by the inevitable disappointment [...]

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Which Dutch star got booked so he could party with his WAG?

Would you rather share a shower with 10 men, or this woman?

That was the question facing Rafael van der Vaart, back in the days when he was playing for Hamburg in Germany. No prizes for guessing which option Rafael chose.

Former Hamburg manager Huub Stevens has revealed in his autobiography that Van der Vaart [...]

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