Getting Better

Great news, Team Bridge, Wayne is bouncing back!

Bridge – like this, but less miserable…

Wayne Bridge 

After a gentleman’s heart has been broken by a French woman, the path back to true happiness is a long, arduous one.

Recovery stages tend to begin with weeping. Open, loud, hysterical weeping. Sometimes in public, often in front of startled [...]

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JT says “sorry”… almost

Ex-England skipper and some autograph tomfoolery

A good effort from some “Team Bridge” pranksters. So close.

Well, not really close at all, actually.

But still.

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Ashley Cole and Bridge both offered shoulders to cry on

Two men, countless issues

Ashley Cole and Wayne Bridge

Superstitious people will probably tell you that the left back berth in the England team is a poisoned chalice. Many have suffered problems in that position – just ask Phil Neville, or Graeme Le Saux, who played [...]

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Team Bridge!

Hmm, John Terry should probably avoid Argentina

Terry – wouldn’t just be booed

John Terry and Tevez

Were you to – by way of an experiment – kiss another man’s woman in five different countries, chances are that you’d experience five different outcomes.

One society might encourage such romantic expression (France?), whilst somewhere [...]

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Spoilt Brats

Someone’s paying these kids too much, suggests Capello

“Bloody footballers, with their money, and their sex”

Fabio Capello

If any lessons can be taken from the US drama series 90210 – the story of schoolkids taking one another out for dinner, then quickly nipping in to spoil a cocktail party on the way home – it’s [...]

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Brainy Retorts

Send in your John Terry famous quote suggestions!

JT, grab a crayon! 


Well, this one looks set to drag on and on. Everyone’s forming little gangs – you’ve got Team Bridge with Bellamy, Tevez, most rational human beings. Then Team Terry – made up of WKD drinkers, people who gel their hair forward, and men who [...]

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