Carlo Ancelotti uses lies to explain why Man Utd beat Chelsea

Prior to his side’s defeat against Man Utd that all but guaranteed Man U would be champions, Carlo Ancelotti, in an attempt to justify the defeat he seemed to know was coming, said this:

“Everyone goes for Messi but I would take Rooney. Messi is out of this world and maybe he is reaching the [...]

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young people are officially thick

Now Wayne Rooney’s to blame for Broken Britain…

“Act naturally, act naturally…”


The Spoiler has never been one to disrespect the fine men and women of the British Police and we’d certainly never have a go at someone’s blog – mainly because we know how much it hurts when people have a go at us *sniff*.

HOWEVER! [...]

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A question

Why ARE footballers nowadays so bloody angry?

Hunter, Bremner and Keegan – cool as cucumbers


The famously mild-mannered Harry Redknapp has taken time out of talking gibberish about Spurs, Real Madrid and Gareth Bale to talk gibberish about W*yne R*oney and him saying the word ‘fuck’ into a television camera.

Apparently, Harry is bemused by the [...]

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Mario Balotelli gets into restaurant row with Rooney hooker Jenny Thompson

The Spoiler: First! for ridiculous Mario Balotelli news!


Fantastically lairy Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli managed to get Wayne Rooney‘s former £1,200-a-night hooker Jenny Thompson banned from a posh restaurant after the group were involved in a playground-level slanging match which ended in Super Mario offering one of her [...]

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Hernandez is great and Rooney is definitely back to his best

Doing what he does…


John Terry is back as England captain, Arsenal probably aren’t going to win anything, Wayne Rooney is playing pretty well – it’s as if the last year never happened.

Anyway, Manchester United were decent enough going forward against Marseille, while at the back they [...]

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