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Some excellent betting stats about tonight’s massive game

Imagine this, but with Torres in blue…


Manchester United face Chelsea this evening and it looks like being a bloody good game.

Fernando Torres loves playing against United, Chelsea have nothing to lose, United have Wayne Rooney available after recovering from an elbow injury sustained when James McCarthy [...]

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Controversial stuff

Is this the worst Premier League season ever?

… Misty, watercoloured memories

cantona.jpg The Spoiler is a bit confused. Yes, there have been some brilliant games and some tip-top goals in the Premier League this season, but there seems to be something missing.

The fact that Nemanja Vidic looks set to win player of the year suggests [...]

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Contentious stuff

Five players who should give this season’s money back

Gerrard – not quite on the list


The Super Bowl was good last night, wasn’t it? All that stopping and starting and stuff – it was great. Anyway, after we’d finished supping our Bud and polishing off our chips and dip, The Spoiler got to thinking about another [...]

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Get some free money to bet on Man Utd this weekend

Manchester United make the long trip to play Southampton at the Dell or somewhere this Saturday, and our friends at Betfair are offering you a free bet so you can cash in when United win or Southampton do a giant-killing.

Here’s what they have to say about that particular game…

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