Naughty Brazilians

Ronaldinho and Elano caught exposing themselves on their webcams

Brazilian stars love displaying their gentleman’s packages online

Ronaldinho and Elano on Webcam

While most European players are content with filling their leisure time with an unhealthy amount of Xbox, the boys from Brazil seem to be wiling away the hours broadcasting their genitalia on [...]

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Another footballer busted for practising webcam “self-love”…

Struggling team’s saviour turns out to be just another sex pest


If Rafa Benitez is feeling gloomy about his lot at the moment, he should spare a thought for the manager of his former club Valencia, Ronald Koeman, who must be pinned immobile to the floor with Churchillian [...]

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Ashley Young in webcam touching frenzy

The man who invented computers would be spinning in his grave


Whenever they’re quizzed about their personal lives away from the pitch, footballers are full of cliches – they might have “a glass of wine over dinner” or play some golf to unwind. But the real truth is [...]

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