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Well, it’s official, Arshavin does not wear G-strings

Prefers a more gentlemanly underpant


The least surprising news of the day is that Ricky Martin has finally come out of the closet. Anyone with a functioning Gaydar pretty much twigged this information when they first noticed his impressive hip dancing. It’s a depressing truth, but “straights” have [...]

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Smokey Joes

Arshavin hates smokers, especially women ones!

“Hey woman, don’t let Arshavin see you with that!”

Woman Smoker 

Site regulars will already be well aware of the fondness attached to a decent footballer blog. Vassell has long since set the benchmark for what can be achieved when a sportsman turns his soul inside out [...]

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Media Takeover

Are Manchester City about to launch a reality TV show?

Nouveau riche club ink deal with the folks behind Big Brother

Robinho and Dogface

Since becoming executive chairman of Manchester City last year, Garry Cook was been extolling his vision of a sky blue utopia to anyone who would listen. If his global domination plans come to pass, [...]

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Conspiracy Update

Official UEFA website posts result of Chelsea/ Barcelona game hours before kick-off

Dummy match report arouses further suspicion

UEFA Website

According to yesterday’s poll, 41 per cent of Spoiler readers agree with Jose Bosingwa, believing hopeless Norwegian referee Tom Henning Øvrebø was acting “under orders” to allow Barcelona safe passage to the Champions League Final. News that has emerged inthis morning’s [...]

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League One Update

Yeovil admit their drinking facilities aren’t up to scratch

Don’t go to Huish Park if you fancy a drink

Football fans in Somerset love nothing better than a good drink, but the Yeovil Town faithful have had to swill their cider in fairly unpleasant surroundings. Seb White – friend of The Spoiler and editor of Yeovil fanzine On To Victory and fan site

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