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The one player every team in the Premier League should buy – Part I

Both of these lads should come…


Before anyone comes along and says:

“Surely the one player every team in the Premier League should buy would be Messi.”

…That ain’t an option. What we’ve actually gone and done is listed all the Premier League teams and decided on one player [...]

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Transfer stuff

Sneijder not to Man Utd, Downing to Liverpool and more…

Cheryl – coming home


It’s not been a good couple of days for the people of Newcastle. First Geordie Shore goes on television and tars everyone with the moron brush and then Cheryl Cole gets kicked off American X Factor because apparently no-one can understand her.

At least the [...]

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Bumper transfer stuff

Van Basten to Chelsea, Solano to Hartlepool and loads of other stuff…

Imagine this but without the dress…


Apparently there is a film coming out with Jennifer Aniston in it – no, wait! She might get naked in it. They haven’t decided whether they’ll keep the scene in yet though, but still, PHWOAR! LAAAAADS!

Here are lots of other things that [...]

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