Five bold, probably misguided, Championship predictions

Nigel Pearson, the best Championship Manager since 2001-02

Nigel Pearson

Neither West Ham nor Leicester will win it

Both have assured bosses, big wallets and have spent well, but the distance between them and the chasing pack in the betting is staggering for a division famed for chewing up big clubs. West Ham started their last Championship stint with England internationals in tow and wound [...]

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West Ham boss Sam Allardyce talks in third person and tells lies

Speaking at a press conference, Sam Allardyce had this to say about his reputation:

“Everywhere I’ve been I entertain the public, irrespective of the perception that Sam Allardyce plays long-ball football.”

We love Sam and think he gets a lot of undue stick, but he really doesn’t help himself sometimes.

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ringside seats

West Ham’s Gala dinner lived up to the billing…



There’s definitely a joke about West Ham showing more fight on Monday night than they have all season but for the life of us we can’t work out what it is. It wouldn’t be that good anyway.

Anyway, while we mocked the idea of paying £2,500 (between [...]

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Plane crazy II

Millwall fans show off classy plane banner as West Ham get relegated



Remember when air travel was the hight of sophistication and glamour? The drinks! The women! The hot towels! Nah, The Spoiler doesn’t either – it’s been cattle class on EasyJet for as long as we’ve been about.

We do however, remember a time when planes weren’t a [...]

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Why not spend £3,500 for tea with Jonathan Spector?

(L-R) Jason, Robbie, Mark, Gary and Howard

whampage.jpg The Spoiler went to a West Ham game at the start of the season.

We sat with the West Ham fans and enjoyed ourselves very much as everyone around us screamed abuse at Carlton Cole when he failed to control a drilled [...]

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