Back Seat Management

Do Avram Grant’s job for him – pick YOUR West Ham XI

Grab a pen, Avram!

West Ham

After yesterday’s impressive performance from back seat Liverpool managers, today it’s the turn of West Ham fans to take a bit of heat off Avram Grant by doing his job for him. Our resident Hammers fan had this to say:

Bit awkward to [...]

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The Sack Race

Make money out of a sacked manager’s utter dismay

Long since gone are the days when a manager would be given time to get things right, and at last count roughly half of all Premier League bosses were rumoured to be nervously sniffing glue in a bid to silence the self-doubting voices in their minds.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to the current sack race, [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Man City transfer wish list, and a new face for 2011!

Lucky Man City – yesterday it was confirmed that, in Mario Balotelli, they have the second greatest player on the planet. Confirmation came from Balotelli himself. How kind of him to share the good news.

Here’s what else we have been taught about football this morning, thanks to all of the daily papers, from the [...]

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Transfer talk

The Liverpool revolving door set to start spinning

The revolving door at Liverpool FC is slowly thawing out following the harsh weather conditions caused by The Spoiler’s misjudged decade-long decision to spray aerosols directly at the Ozone Layer to create better summers without considering the flipside. Sorry about that. Here’s some news about ins and outs at Anfield….

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Transfer Talk

Carroll linked with a move to Spurs, and more…

Good buy?

Andy Carroll

No real surprise last night that Stella walked it in The Apprentice – Sugar doesn’t like posh and he can’t stand bullshit, so she pretty much had it in the bag when it transpired that she’d been raised by foxes in a tin house. Estate [...]

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Gambling News

Look! It’s only Andy Gray’s Carling Cup betting tips!

Nice love beads, Andy

Andy Gray 

Feeling a bit sad because you can’t imagine another football match being as thrilling as last night’s El Clasico? Oh, stop whining, man! Just place some bets if it’s a head-rush you’re after.

Here are some Andy Gray betting tips, thanks to our brothers [...]

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