Dave Whelan’s stint as a Sky Sports News correspondent ends

"Can’t you drag this decision out a bit longer lad?"


Roberto Martinez has confirmed that he will be spending next season with Wigan. Or to be more accurate, Dave Whelan has confirmed that Martinez has confirmed…

In keeping with a fortnight in which Whelan’s publicity-hungry, discretion-famished approach – filing twice-daily updates on any conversations that his manager may or may not have held to everyone’s [...]

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Miming Manchester City boss provokes outrage at Wigan

Would never have happened in the days of Chapman, Paisley, etc...


You can usually rely on any Spoiler opinion piece to be greeted with accusations of bias. What is rarer is to read an admission of guilt right off the bat, so let’s mix things up by admitting right here, right now that Roberto Mancini is probably my favourite Premier League boss.

Wow, so this is [...]

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REVEALED! The teams who’ll be relegated from the Premier League

Get the accumulators on…


If you’re getting a bit impatient for the sure-to-be-thrilling final day of Premier League football this Sunday then fear not! The Spoiler has handily provided this final league table a full two days early.

We’ve conducted an in-depth (for The Spoiler) bit of research and [...]

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betting information

Make money on tonight’s relegation battle

If you’re a fan of either West Brom or Wigan then tonight’s game looks set to be 90 minutes of nerve- jangling, nail-biting hell. For the rest of you though, it represents a nice chance to pick up a couple of quid.

Here’s what our handsome friends at Betfair Football think about tonight’s action…

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Lost in translation

Player makes comment. The Sun rips out context

Jenny Meadows – a woman from Wigan


It’s a dark and murky world ol’ journalism. If reporters aren’t scrambling through the bins of Lesley Joseph or ALLEGEDLY tapping phones before DEFINITELY getting a job as the Prime Minister’s media adviser, then they’re probably writing lies. Loads of them. [...]

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Preordained Market Activity

The Spoiler’s most obvious summer transfer XI

The 2009 window deals that were absolutely inevitable

<i>The Spoiler’s</i> most obvious transfer XI

As the transfer window creaks shut for once more, Spoiler correspondent Andrew Brook has compiled a team of players who were always destined to change clubs this summer. And look, he’s [...]

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