VOTE: Who has impressed you more this season – Chelsea or Liverpool?

Unbeaten table-toppers win again ahead of next week’s collision

Chelsea and Liverpool remain the top two teams in the country after the Blues thumped Middlesbrough 5-0 while the Reds again came from behind to beat Wigan 3-2. So ahead of their clash at Stamford Bridge next Sunday, The Spoiler wants to know which one has [...]

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Deja Vu

Benitez looks to the past, again

Has the man completely run out of ideas?

With the big names at Newcastle (Given, Owen, Duff, um, Butt) likely to demand relocation once the transfer window inches open again, it seems that The Spoiler might have inadvertently predicted the future for dinky little Michael Owen. Only a week ago the big talk was [...]

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Terrifying News

Why sorry Spurs can’t win a league game before Christmas

It’s all gone a bit Pete Rubbish

Juande Ramos

Oh dear, it was all looking so promising. The young Dos Santos chap, that Modric bloke – these guys were world beaters, damn it! But now Spurs are languishing at the bottom of the table, and after an in-depth [...]

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Tonight's Big One

Chelsea going through the motions at the top of the table


Dear Chelsea Chief Exec Peter Kenyon, saw you doing your bit for China by running with the Olympic torch the other day – thought you looked pretty cool protected by those scary Chinese guys ready to Jackie Chan the life out of any student with a problem. Anyway, how’s [...]

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