A list

A list of the top five final day dramas that have happened

Juninho – gutted he didn’t make the list


This Sunday looks set to be a bloody exciting end to the Premier League season – Wigan, Wolves, Birmingham, Blackpool and Blackburn can all still be relegated and will be battling their little hearts out to stay in the Premier League.


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Gambling News

Look! It’s only Andy Gray’s Carling Cup betting tips!

Nice love beads, Andy

Andy Gray 

Feeling a bit sad because you can’t imagine another football match being as thrilling as last night’s El Clasico? Oh, stop whining, man! Just place some bets if it’s a head-rush you’re after.

Here are some Andy Gray betting tips, thanks to our brothers [...]

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spoke too soon

You were saying, Fabrice?

James McCarthy would be particularly interested to hear it again


Bolton‘s Fabrice Muamba, 14/10/10:

Tackling is just about timing. If you’ve got your timing right, all you have to do is touch the ball. There’s no need to touch anybody’s leg, or break anybody’s leg.

Sometimes people over-react, [...]

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News in brief

Ronaldinho eyes up Premier League, Pato to Chelsea…

“I’m planning a jailbreak”

Ronaldinho and Pato

The various solvent abusers and purveyors of new types of tight fitting trousers who tend to work on showbusinness desks around the country have today been enraptured by Cheryl Tweedy/Cole’s new hair – it’s so LA! By which, of course, they [...]

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