Wolves to mark the darkest day in Internet history with a win



The Wikipedia genii have thought up a shrewd way to build support in their disgust at US Congress proposals which they say will see the Internet fall to pieces faster than Portsmouth after a takeover: show the world how screwed they are with no Wikipedia to turn to for might-be-true factoids.

Their 24-hour protest blackout [...]

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Six of the best football edits on Wikipedia

Ahh, good old Wikipedia


Despite its po-faced nature and downright insistence on sticking to the facts, once in a while nifty computer hackers slip a few choice gags through the Wikipedia net. So a big doff of the cap to Dan Fitch at Betfair Football who has [...]

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Erroneous Information

Daily Mirror football journalist caught out by Wikipedia

Collaborative website merks another victim

Ahead of Manchester City’s UEFA Cup tie with Omonia Nicosia, the first port of call for information on the Cypriot club would have been Wikipedia. Curious fans would have been met with the following nugget of information:

“A small but loyal group of fans are lovingly called “The Zany [...]

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