Deadline Day

Transfer Window: Bad news for Man City, and more…

Old McDonald… didn’t have a work permit… ee i ee i… oh!

McDonald Mariga

Like a house of cards crafted by a tremoring alcoholic during a hurricane, today’s big transfer deals keep collapsing within nanoseconds of first appearing.

Hull will be keeping hold of Stephen Hunt, thank you very much Wolves. [...]

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deadline day

Transfer Window: Arsenal and Man City biding their time?

Ilan – “Hello West Ham!”


A rather terrifying calm has hit deadline day, in scenes not dissimilar to when city traders wait for the overhead clock arms to hit a certain hour, before erupting in a din of hysterical screaming and shouting, as bits of paper fly around the [...]

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Reserves Update

McCarthy infuriates fans

McCarthy – cynical ploy?

Mick McCarthy

Everyone knows the parable of David and Goliath, it’s a great tale. The little man uses his skills to knock out the big Philistine warrior, and goes on to become the King of Israel. It’s inspiring. But it would have been a totally different [...]

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Freak Out!

Assou-Ekotto gets all poor man’s Cantona about it

Assou-Ekotto – doesn’t like criticism


Footballers, they just don’t have the same flair for sudden violence that they used to.

Remember when Catona flew into the stands, doing not a single, but a double karate kick? That wasn’t even rehearsed. That was just instinctive Kung Fu from a great [...]

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