World Cup 2018 – and the winner is… Russia!

Brilliant, thanks a lot

Miserable fans

With their addled minds overloaded with memories of Arshavin’s moving monologue, Gullit’s impressive Apprentice bike pitch, the Spanish men flashing up buzz words like “gourmet” to whet Fifa appetites, David Beckham’s hilarious childhood anecdotes, Fifa’s Executive Committee have finally spoken.

And the winner [...]

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Betting Information

Make money on the World Cup bid – everyone’s at it!

“I’d like to thank the merciful and handsome King Blatter for having me…”

David Beckham

It’s never nice to feel left out, and with rumours of pieces of silver being thrown around left and right, it’s surely high time to get in on the action, and make some money [...]

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A guide

World Cup 2018 bid – let the schmoozing commence!

“I want to be able to see my face in that sign!”


After the small furore thanks to an intriguingly timed episode of Panorama, and then yesterday’s hot photos of Britain’s Next Male Model finalists – Prince William, Davids Beckham and Cameron – boarding an Easyjet to Zurich, there’s [...]

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