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Make money on the World Cup bid – everyone’s at it!

“I’d like to thank the merciful and handsome King Blatter for having me…”

David Beckham

It’s never nice to feel left out, and with rumours of pieces of silver being thrown around left and right, it’s surely high time to get in on the action, and make some money [...]

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Who should host the 2018 World Cup?

“I want to be BA”

Prince William, David Cameron, David Beckham 

In a World Cup 2018 bid recreation to the A Team, Prime Minister David Cameron was seen sipping some milk, before being lugged onto a plane to Zurich – a journey which would find [...]

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Kelly Brook and Alan Shearer get all 2018 on your ass!

Oh God! They’re beautiful!

Alan Shearer and Kelly Brook

Make no mistake about it, this whole World Cup 2018 bid is getting very political. And, in politics, when things get political, it’s time to start making serious political moves. These tend to involve muck raking, rumour mongering, cake [...]

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Excellent List

10 possible replacements for the World Cup vuvuzela

Ah, shut up, kid!


Even in such a short space of time, the current World Cup has become synonymous with the sound of 50,000 vuvuzelas all being blown at once, creating a looping, anxious sound, not unlike a swarm of hungry bees, or a belligerent old man [...]

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Jack Warner returns FA gift after ‘facing indignities’

Let’s hope they kept the receipt…


Weeks after The FA was embroiled in a row over appearing to buy off the FIFA‘s executive committee (or at least their wives) with designer handbags, in the hope of securing some votes for England’s World Cup 2018 bid, FIFA vice-prez Jack Warner [...]

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