Iker Casillas behaves rather inappropriately on the news

OMG! He just kissed his girlfriend!

Rather cleverly, the BBC and ITV made a point of deploying ugly men who look exactly like toby jugs around the World Cup press areas, armed with probing questions about the match. That way, their live [...]

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Rock N Roll

Spoiler man lives it up in South Africa with Noel Gallagher

Spoiler man Ruud, and an Oasis member

Noel and Ruud

Now, far be it for The Spoiler to get all boastful about it, but whilst the rest of the country flicked channels between extra time in the World Cup final and the latest happenings in the Big Brother house, [...]

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Betting Information

Don’t expect a glut of goals in the World Cup final

Can Villa do it again?

David Villa 

Sweet baby moses, it’s so hot outside, making it damn dear impossible to string a sentence together. Thank goodness, then, for some friends of The Spoiler, who have thrown together a short betting preview for the weekend’s big match so that we don’t [...]

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Gambling Info

Spain’s Pedro could make for a profitable “first scorer”

Pedro – tempting odds


Of course, without England competing, you’re going to need the help of aids to ensure maximum enjoyment during the weekend’s World Cup final. And, before you pile into the comments section with a slurry of inappropriate jokes that have no place in this millennium, “aids” [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup VIDEO: West Germany 74 remembered

West Germany 2-1 Holland

From now until June, The Spoiler will be going increasingly World Cup bananas. Celebrating players, matches, tournaments, songs, as well as attempting to locate the [...]

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