World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: USA

“U! S! A!”

Landon Donovan

Today, it’s the turn of those lovely American chaps, who will be seriously attempting to urinate on England’s chips during the group stages. But can they do it? And, more importantly, who ARE these people? Read on to find out…

Form [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Germany

Imagine this, but without Ballack


And so to the wonderful Germans – famed for getting all of the best sun loungers, and making England fans cry in 1990. But who ARE these strange and intriguing people? Read on to find out…

Form Guide

The Germans could [...]

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German egghead devises theory to predict World Cup champs…

Can you guess who it is?

germany 1990

One of The Spoiler‘s absolute favourite ever reader’s comments from the last couple of years went a little something like this (from a rather disgruntled football fan): “yeah, well screw you Spoiler, you can prove just about anything with so-called ‘statistics’”.


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