Qataris develop artificial cloud to keep pitch cool during World Cup

Quite literally ‘cool as f**k’


Qatar 2022 will undoubtedly see at least 15 times more pissing and moaning than we had to endure during the South African World Cup last year, but if even half the technology proposed for the games comes to light, it’ll remain a fantastic [...]

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Arts and Crafts News

Spanish World Cup side gets the full Simpsons treatment

Spain - a Matt Groening portrait

Simpsons Spain

With the exception of the one that looks like a disco version of Groundsman Willie, and the shocking realisation that Fernando Torres might be a template for a grown up Bart, this isn’t bad.

Please feel free to share your observations with [...]

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A big old list

A load of things and people that defined 2010

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, one and all. May 2011 be met with a bunch of pointless resolutions that’ll go flying out of the window within a week!

To celebrate, after the jump, you’ll find a rather higgledy-piggledy summation of the year just gone, consisting [...]

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Anelka and Henry still want their World Cup money, ta

Man demands payment from clowns

Anelka clowns 

The Spoiler speaks what you could call “basic basic French” at best, but with a little bit of luck, this won’t be completely lost in translation.

According to reports from our French cousins, whilst 21 members of the France World [...]

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The Big Question

What’s up with Cesc Fabregas?

Hamstring or heart?

Cesc Fabregas

Without wanting to send anyone berserk by laying it on too thick, Fabregas’ form has been pretty terrible by his own standards this season.

Of course, it could be those darn niggles in his hamstring bothering him. Or perhaps he’s still on a post-World Cup downer?


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