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Make money on tonight’s pointless England friendly

Steven G – expecting jeers

Steven Gerrard

After being so hideously short changed during the World Cup, those looking to extract some kind of compensation from the England team would be wise to look at the betting markets.

Here’s a wonderful few paragraphs from our buddies at Betfair [...]

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Anger Eating

Wayne Rooney soothed World Cup heartache with Pot Noodle

More photoshop skills…

Wayne Rooney 

Everyone reacts to crippling frustration/anger differently. Some punch walls/people, other weep/spasm uncontrollably. Some boil the kettle, fill the “pot” up to the recommended level, wait two minutes, stir, wait another minute, add sauce, and then eat.

That, by the way, was The Spoiler’s very [...]

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Good/Bad News

North Korea – great stadium, rather mean leader

The world’s hugest stadium. Officially.

Rungrado May Day Stadium 

It’s not often that a great story passes directly under the large Spoiler nose, but rather shamefully, an intriguing piece about the North Korean football team came and went at the end of the last week, and some [...]

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Cursed Wine Bar News

Rooney would be wise to stay away from jinxed nightclub

Panacea nightclub – popular amongst housewives?


Fans of Greek mythology will already be well aware that Panacea was the goddess of healing. But did you know that she is also a popular Manchester wine bar which Wayne Rooney would be very wise to avoid in future?

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Frank Lampard humiliated by a cartoon character

Lampard – less popular than a cat


It’s a particularly sad day for Frankie Lamps, with news (in The Sun) that a great big pile of golden iPods emblazoned with his extravagant autograph have been “melted down” and replaced with a popular Japanese cartoon character, called Hello Kitty.

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Sexy Couple

Pictures of John Heitinga’s lovely wedding day

Oh God! That’s gorgeous!

Heitinga wedding

Is there any better way to get over World Cup final red card heartbreak than by marrying Bolo Zenden’s sister? It’s the age-old question.

Unfortunately, unless you happen to be John Heitinga of “World Cup final red card and then marrying Bolo Zenden’s sister” [...]

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