Tittle Tattle

The truth about John Terry and Steven Gerrard REVEALED

England love triangle?

Rooney Terry Gerrard

As pointed out many times, The Spoiler is very well connected, with a mob of secret squirrels all over the country, listening through boardroom walls with mini-pint jugs pressed to their ears, smoking endless cigarellos.

Today, The Spoiler’s top squirrel has filed [...]

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A lovely boat

Gerard Pique enjoys a wonderful summer holiday

Oh God! They’re on a boat!

Gerard Pique

Site regulars might have noticed a new dimension to The Spoiler in recent days. The hard hitting news is still there, so is the informative football analysis. But there’s something else. Something womanly.

Well, friends, that’s because someone left a copy of OK! in [...]

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Beautiful Lady

A small World Cup gallery of football hotty, Sara Carbonero

Sara… with boyfriend lurking in the background

Sara Carbonero 

Here at The Spoiler, we know our place. The Spoiler is a niche site, comfortable like an old friend, yet still a fresh, vital and exciting hub of activity for those in the know.

But, when put up against big hitters like the [...]

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Loose Lips

Ballack’s agent causes uproar with German gay claims

Becker with Ballack

Becker and Ballack 

Well, there’s an awkward uproar in Germany, thanks to Michael Ballack’s agent, Michael Becker, who gave a recent interview to the popular news magazine, Der Spiegel, in which he thought he’d casually “out” some members of the German side.

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