Where Sport Meets Porn

Olympic flashback: Wrestlers have all the fun

This is a legal move, apparently

Olympic Wrestling in Beijing

Remmeber the summer? The nights were longer, everybody had an opinion on this woman and the Olympic Games were in full swing. Allow The Spoiler to jog those treasured memories in Beijing with a [...]

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Where Sport Meets Porn

Sporno Update! Wrestler uses novel finishing move!

Oiled-up men in leather trousers in homoerotic shocker

Wrestling WWE Sporno

Judging by the picture above, it would seems that wrestling has changed an awful lot since the days of the Million Dollar Man and the Ultimate Warrior. Thanks to Sporno lover Abdu for the spot.

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Craig Bellamy beat up a charity worker in Sierra Leone

Striker misinterprets purpose of goodwill mission

Craig bellamy

When it comes down to it, Craig Bellamy is a good guy. If you ignore the golf club attacks on teammates, nightclub assaults on women, chair hurling, racially aggravated assault and his thoroughly unprofessional attitude to transfers, he’s just a sweet [...]

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