Transfer Talk

Barcelona want Micah Richards… yes, seriously

Micah – dream move?

Micah Richards

There’s been total uproar in showbusiness world, with news that Wagner – the South American Mickey Rourke who sings like a man on a treadmill reading from an autocue – isn’t only surviving the X Factor, but he’s looking like a genuine threat to win [...]

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Cheryl Cole plans to use her breasts to make a point

Chezza – feeling a bit better

Cheryl Cole

The glaring spotlight is both friend and foe to footballers and their wives/girlfriends. Such a welcomed warm intrusion when you’re on the up and up, more like a torch being shone in your face by a hysterical madman when you’ve just been humiliated by [...]

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Questionable Investment

Who paid £6,700 for Alex Ferguson’s office chair?

It’s extraordinarily dull X Factor winner Shane Ward!

Shane Ward

Reality TV series winner Shane Ward reminded us he was alive last week with news of his latest charity auction purchase:

“It was between me and another guy. Sir Alex was going wild and said the chair would go [...]

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The big talking point from this weekend’s football

The standout piece of skill from Everton’s 3-2 loss to Aston Villa

This weekend raised so many questions. Were Arsenal fans right to boo Emmanuel Eboue? Did Aston Villa’s victory in a game where they were [...]

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Potential Popstar?

Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘I Could Go On X-Factor!’

Tricky winger could compete in popular karaoke competition

Cristiano Ronaldo, Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue

In their continuing quest to ask pertinent and appropriate questions to prominent celebrities and sportsmen, gentleman’s weekly periodical Zoo rounded off an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo by asking him [...]

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Make money on this weekend’s big sporting events

The Spoiler puts its neck on the line

With the help of our well-informed chums at chickendinner, The Spoiler has compiled a list of our top tips for this weekend’s sports action. Accompanying each bet are some eye-catching odds, a link to a free bet with that bookmaker and a reason why you [...]

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