Transfer Talk

Real Madrid look keen to land Steven Gerrard

Xabi and Stevie – together again?

Alonso and Gerrard

And so, after all of that, it looks like the General Election was a draw. Or something. If anyone actually knows who the Prime Minister is, please let everyone know with a comment – written in simple terms, please.


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Player of the year

VOTE: The Spoiler’s Player of the Year, shortlist revealed!

Has Wazza done enough to float your onions?

Wayne Rooney 

After another fine year of men hoofing a ball around some wonderful stadiums, old women all around the country will be angrily debating the country’s best players over the coming Christmas weeks - who really has been the greatest Premier League [...]

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All hail the Liverpool Saviour

Aquilani, Aquilani, ole, ole, ole

He’s not the Messiah. He’s an injury-prone Italian

Here he is folks. Alberto Aquilani, all £19m worth, finally pulled on a Liverpool shirt last night, in a reserve [...]

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Money Matter$

Liverpool reveal £20m transfer spending cap

Can the Reds compete with the big boys on such a budget?

Liverpool fans protest at Hank Hicks and Billy Bob Gillett

Hank Hicks and Billy Bob Gillett’s popularity on Merseyside ranks somewhere between The Sun and cancer, and they won’t [...]

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Preordained Market Activity

The Spoiler’s most obvious summer transfer XI

The 2009 window deals that were absolutely inevitable

<i>The Spoiler’s</i> most obvious transfer XI

As the transfer window creaks shut for once more, Spoiler correspondent Andrew Brook has compiled a team of players who were always destined to change clubs this summer. And look, he’s [...]

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