Excellent stat from Barcelona’s win over Arsenal

We didn’t even have to pay for it…


Pretty impressive, no? Thanks to Oliver Kay from The Times for this brilliant stat that shows Barca’s absolute dominance over the Gunners last night.

You can follow him on Twitter here if you’re that way inclined…

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man crush

The Spoiler is TOTALLY in love with Xavi

Spoiler 4 Xavi 4EVA


QUICK! It’s Valentine’s Day on Monday – if you don’t send your cards today they’ll never get there in time. Your ‘loved one’ will become just a ‘one’ and you’ll spend the rest of your life alone. For the love of God, get to [...]

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The Big Question

Who’s more important to Barca, Xavi or Iniesta?

Head to head

Xavi and Iniesta 

An almighty barney has erupted in the Spoiler offices – put down to a combination of too much morning sherry, and a lack of Christmas shopping done. One half of the office has been shouting the name “Iniesta” over and over again until [...]

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