The Spoiler Awards – Signing of the Season

Hernandez was heartbroken by our harsh decision to snub him

Javier Hernandez

Some pundits will tell you that Javier Hernandez is not only the signing of the season but of the entire century, however we’re going to try to make a case for somebody else, more so to avoid [...]

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Bold claims

Man City’s Yaya Toure sets himself up for a massive fall

Y.Toure with a cigarette photoshopped out


There are moments in life when the sheer absurdity of it all just smacks you in the mush – Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister! ROBBIE BACK IN TAKE THAT! A DYSON AIRBLADE!

The Spoiler had one of those moments this morning [...]

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Man City XI

Is this Roberto Mancini’s dream Man City XI?

Hmmm, not bad, not bad…

Man City

In one of the more long-winded transfer sagas of recent memory, James Milner has finally made his way to Man City for a preposterous amount of money for a young chap described by some as “a poor man’s Owen Hargreaves”.

Might Mancini’s [...]

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Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s “Predicted Team of the Season”

How will this look come next year?

Team of the Season? 

Most would agree that only a genius or an idiot would attempt to predict the “Team of the Season” before the first match has even kicked off, so you can draw your own conclusions about that.


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Transfer Talk

Lots of business at Barcelona, and West Ham’s wonderkid…

Fabregas – training for next season?

Cesc Fabregas 

People who enjoy hearing about other people’s holidays will be delighted to know that Frank Lampsie has taken his bed partner, Christine Bleakley, to Sardinia, where they have been spotted horsing around in swimming costumes with their pals, the Redknapps. Not to mention the [...]

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Transfer Talk

Real want Wazza and Steven G, and movement at Barca…

Get used to wearing white, lads

Rooney and Gerrard

When there’s a World Cup on, it’s easy to forget that the planet is still spinning on its axis, and other business never really stops. Some of you might not have noticed, but Big Brother has entered its final [...]

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