Official Scandal

Premier League referee claims players get booked on purpose

Men who play football for a couple of hours a day cheat to avoid grueling schedule

Steve Bennett

Just before Christmas, John Terry put in a studs-up challenge that saw him dismissed from Goodison Park. The ban meant the Chelsea defender was able to spend Christmas at home [...]

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Excuse Alert

Everton star is booked for being ‘recognisable’

Marouane Fellaini gets in trouble because he is big, apparently

Marouane Fellaini

If The Spoiler were to head out on to Oxford Street and ask 100 people to name the ten most recognisable faces in the Premier League, not a single person would mention Marouane Fellaini. Everton boss Steve [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Did Ronaldo deserve to be sent off yesterday?

Likely Ballon D’or winner makes huge error of judgement

One of the biggest talking points of the Manchester derby was Cristiano Ronaldo’s sending off. In The Spoiler’s opinion, he should have received his marching orders for the [...]

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Video of the Day

Video: Player booked for tackling pitch invader!

Czech star made to regret dangerous challenge

In Saturday’s fiercely-competitive Moscow derby between Spartak and Lokomotiv, a topless fan fancied a piece of the action. Spartak were 2-1 down at the time, [...]

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