Good Causes

Zinedine Zidane enjoys a really lovely afternoon

Zidane, Lizarazu, and Blanc lurking behind

Zidane and Lizarazu

As expected, the OK! magazine tributes haven’t gone down too well with the WKD drinking minority of Spoiler readers, who would much rather make hilarious observations about how they might like to pass the time with Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend. But, [...]

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Recommended Viewing

The Spoiler’s 10 best movies about football

Including the story of the New York Cosmos

New York Cosmos

With this weird volcanic dust cloud forcing footballers to endure cruel long distance coach rides, The Spoiler thought it high time to come up with some recommended viewing to ease the players through their agonising boredom.

After much [...]

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Newcastle passed on Zidane, thank you very much

Zidane – rejected

Zinedine Zidane 

Everyone makes mistakes. Eastenders, for example, featured SNOW last night – an error that either suggests an intriguing micro-climate that exists in East London, or simply dismantles any suspension of disbelief, leaving even the most hardened viewers very suddenly aware that they are just watching [...]

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World Cup Fever

The Spoiler’s Greatest Ever World Cup XI

Yeah, not bad…

World Cup XI

From now until the end of time, people will debate the greatest ever World Cup players, and attempt to come up with the perfect team. Fights will break out, relationships will hit the rocks, old women will be arrested in supermarkets [...]

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