Not bad for a rubbish player...

Brilliant stat about Zlatan Ibrahimović and his trophies

The learned Spoiler readers out there may already know this, but we think it’s worth repeating:

With AC Milan winning the  Scudetto at the weekend, Zlatan Ibrahimović has now won a league title eight years in a row – once with Ajax, twice with Juventus*, three times with Inter Milan, once with Barcelona and now [...]

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Lifting the lid

Ibrahimovic hates Guardiola but hearts Mourinho

Snog Marry Avoid?


Throughout your short but eventful time on earth, there are bound to be people who you’ve loved no matter what. Someone that – regardless of how horrible they are – you can’t let go.

The Spoiler felt that way about its first girlfriend – despite [...]

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poor return

An interesting statistic about Ibrahimovic – no, really!

OptaJean reeled out this very interesting bit of knowledge on Twitter following Spurs’ 1-0 win over AC Milan.

“Zlatan Ibrahimovic has only scored three goals in 21 knockout games in the Champions League.”

He’s a brilliant player – make no mistake – but that’s pretty rubbish isn’t it?

BREAKING NEWS!: A member of Team [...]

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Fighting Talk

Ibrahimovic’s agent wades into Cruyff and Guardiola

Raiola – with Telly Savalas

Mino Raiola

Ibrahimovic – depending on where you stand on the subject, he’s either football’s Audley Harrison, or a millionaire’s Peter Crouch.

Either way, his agent – a maniac called Mino Raiola – has rolled up his sleeves and windmilled into Johan Cruyff and [...]

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