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Hughes wasn’t management material, says Ferguson…

Ahh, the good old days!

Ferguson and Hughes

Mark Hughes must have witnessed a fair few Ferguson mind games during his playing days, and it seems that the kindly Scotsman hasn’t forgotten how to put the wind up his former student. As reported in today’s Telegraph, Ferguson said this:


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January Departures

The Spoiler’s “available in the transfer window” XI

Eleven players who’ll probably all end up at Man City in January

Available in the transfer window XI

With just 23 days left until the big day, footballers all over Europe are champing at the bit to leave their current employers behind, in search of [...]

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New Talent

Meet Manchester Utd’s new winger Zoran Tošić

Goal compilation with an irritating soundtrack, anyone?

Serbain sensation Zoran Tošić (nicknamed “Bambi” for his scrawny build) is all set to join Manchester Utd in the transfer window, and [...]

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